Saturday, March 31, 2012

New Studio Additions - Part I

I've been considering larger pieces lately and larger pieces requires a larger palette!   So the other day I went to the art store and the perfect palette for me just happened to be sitting in the clearance section!  I just had to buy it!

Now, it's a right handed palette and I'm a lefty, but with a few modifications and turned upside down, I'm sure I'll manage just fine!  

Also, Summer is right around the corner so I decided to buy a French Easel in hopes that it will inspire me to go outside and paint more...  Wish me luck on that...

There is a catch though!  Even though both items were practically steals (Palette was only 2 dollars), I did have one small problem...   I like my studio furniture and belongings to match.   This required a sanding and staining project!

Here are the materials I used!

Project Materials

And here are the pictures in progress!

French Easel (Before)

Palette - Initial Sanding w/ 320 grit Sandpaper

Palette - Second Coat of Pre-Stain

Palette - Red Mahogany Stain

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  1. Okay Michelangelo --the finely wrought paintings are one thing, but the hand made French easel and the refinishing of that and the palette well that is just plain showing off!!! okay I might be a tad jealous!!! I do believe there is a bit of OCD in you!! I know the feeling...I just got a much longed for Dremel with accessories...let the exact reproductions of miniatures begin!!!! again I will have much joy in watching your work evolve.... thanks for the blog info etc....Kathleen.